Public Offer Agreement

FOP Kushnir Oksana Vladimirovna (hereinafter   – « Performer »), registered and operated in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, guided by Art. 633, 641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, proposes an unlimited circle of individuals, conclude this service agreement (hereinafter referred to as – « contract ») on the following conditions:

1. Terms and General Provisions.

1.1. Services & nbsp; – Set of consulting services provided by the Contractor in accordance with the procedure and under the conditions specified in this Agreement and the course programs, which are an integral part of this Agreement.

1.2. Public offer & nbsp; – The proposal of the contractor (set out on the contractor’s website), addressed to an unlimited circle of individuals in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, to conclude this agreement on certain conditions.

1.3. The performer & nbsp; – Web page on the Internet at, which is an official source of informing users about the contractor and services they are provided.

1.4. Acceptance & nbsp; – Full, unconditional and unconditional acceptance by the user of the conditions of the public offer of this contract and the course program.

1.5. User & nbsp; – A natural person who has reached the age of 18 and made the acceptance of the Public Office of the Contractor set out in this Agreement and paid the cost of services.

1.6. Sides & nbsp; – Contractor and User.

1.7. Course & nbsp; – Expressed in the form of online lectures, a complex of consulting services aimed at transmitting information to the client on a given topic in order to give him an opportunity to form a certain attitude to the analyzed subject, as well as to develop certain skills in the field of activity under study.

2. Scope of the contract.

2.1. The contractor undertakes to provide the user with the service, namely the organization of online participation of the user in the course, according to the program chosen by the user, on a paid basis, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, and the user undertakes to accept and make payment of such services.

2.2. The user undertakes to pay the contractor the cost of participating in the course.

2.3. The parties agree that the contractor does not guarantee any financial or other results of application by the participant of the course in his or her services purchased from the contractor.

3. Terms of service.

3.1. Consulting services are provided in the form of online lectures, according to the program developed by the Contractor, posted in the relevant section of the contractor’s site.

3.2. The acceptance of this agreement is recognized by the client, full or partial, the cost of the course and means the complete and unconditional acceptance by the user of the terms of this Agreement and is equated with the user’s own signature under the contract.

3.3. From the moment of crediting the funds to the contractor’s account, this offer is considered accepted.

3.4. Acceptance order:

3.4.1. The user chooses an option in the course on the contractor’s website, makes an application for participation and goes to payment.

3.4.2. Since the acceptance of this offer, one -sided user’s refusal of the contract is unacceptable.

4. Performer's rights and responsibilities:

4.1. The Contractor has the right:

4.1.1. To receive from the user the information required to provide services under this Agreement;

4.1.2. Get for the services provided in the amount and terms stipulated by this Agreement and the relevant course program.

4.1.3. To publish any materials and feedback created by the user while participating in the course, without any restrictions and compensation to the user (cash or any other).

4.2. Contractor undertakes:

4.2.1. Provide the user consulting services in accordance with this Agreement and the relevant course program.

4.2.2. To inform the user about the rules and requirements for organizing consulting services, their quality and content, the rights and responsibilities of the user upon receipt of services.

4.2.3. If necessary, provide the user with teaching materials and literature.

5. User rights and responsibilities.

5.1. The user has the right:

5.1.1. Get good quality services according to the course program.

5.2. The user undertakes:

5.2.1. Timely pay for services in size and within the time limits set by this Agreement.

5.2.2. Comply

5.2.3. To refrain from participating in the course from actions that: can interfere with other users, invited persons or lecturers to participate in the course and receive information in the course of the course. can harm the material values ​​of other users, invited persons, lecturers or artist, owners or users of the premises in which the course is conducted. violate public order, including insulting those present, expressed in the use of obscene expressions and / or loud conversations, noise creation with devices, etc. humiliate the honor, dignity, business reputation of the performer, other users, invited persons or lecturers, including by placing information on the Internet, printed publications, newsletters or otherwise, which is public. are manifested in the use of audio or video equipment to copy the course materials or without.

6. The cost of services and the procedure for payment.

6.1. The total cost of services provided to the user under this Agreement is the total amount paid for by the user for participation in the course.

6.2. The cost of participating in the course is determined by the Contractor in the course program, which is placed on the contractor’s website or reported by the manager of the executor company personally to the client.

6.3. The cost of this contract is paid by the user in favor of the contractor in non -cash form, by transferring to the contractor’s current account or by payment on the site.

6.4. If the user refuses to study no later than 1 week before the start of the course, the contractor shall return the paid advance in full. In case of payment of the entire amount & nbsp; – 100% of the contract value to the user return funds in the amount of 90% of the funds paid.

7. Responsibilities of the parties.

7.1. For non -fulfillment or improper performance of obligations under this Agreement, the parties are liable in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

7.2. The user agrees that the refusal of guarantees and limiting the liability set out in these conditions reflect a reasonable and fair risk distribution, as well as a prerequisite for providing services to the contractor for an affordable fee.

7.3. The user agrees that in the event of non -compliance by the user of clause 5.2.1 of this Agreement concerning the obligation to pay on time, the contractor has the right not only to terminate the provision of services and access to the course before payment, but also to suspend this contract the basis of paragraph 9.1 .3 of this Agreement.

8. Force majeure.

8.1. The parties shall be released from liability for non -fulfillment of obligations, if it is not fulfilled caused by circumstances that are not dependent on the will of the parties, namely: military actions, natural disasters, man -made and other accidents, strikes, locates, acts of authorities or management, etc. ., which makes it impossible to fulfill the terms of this Agreement (hereinafter force majeure).

8.2. Force majeure applies, and the party for which it is released from liability for violation of the terms of this Agreement, in the presence of written confirmation (conclusion, certificate)

8.3. The party for which force majeure has come undertake to immediately inform the other party and provide supporting force majeure documents.

8.4. From the moment of receiving such notification by the other party to fulfill the terms of this Agreement, they are terminated for the entire force majeure period.

8.5. In case of force majeure for more than 3 months each party has the right to initiate the termination of the contract.

9. Termination of the contract.

9.1. This Agreement is terminated:

9.1.1. With the consent of both sides;

9.1.2. If the fulfillment of the contract by the contract of its obligations is impossible in connection with the adoption of normative legal acts that have changed the conditions established by this Agreement and any of the parties does not agree to amend the contract.

9.1.3. In cases of violation by the user of the conditions provided for in paragraph 5.2.3 of this Agreement.

9.1.4. In other cases stipulated by this Agreement and the current legislation of Ukraine.

10. The term of the offer.

10.1. This public offer comes into force from the moment of its placement on the contractor’s website and acts until the executor is revoked.

10.2. The contractor has the right to amend the terms of the public offer and / or withdraw a public offer at any time at any time at his discretion. In case of changes in the public offer by the contractor, such changes come into force from the moment of placement of the changed text of the public offer on the contractor’s website, unless otherwise of changes in the change is not directly defined in the text of the changed public offer.